At Philab, our journey begins with a profound inspiration drawn from the Greek letter Φ, known as Phi, which symbolizes the golden ratio in nature and arts. This sacred proportion guides our every step in creating skincare solutions that align with the inherent balance found in the natural world. We believe that beauty is more than skin deep; it's an intricate harmony of science and nature. Inspired by this divine ratio, we are committed to bringing this sense of balance and harmony to your skincare routine.

Explore how Philab's balanced combination of science and nature can benefit your skin's appearance and overall health. Join us on a skincare journey that reflects the timeless balance of Phi.


Our Approach to Skincare

Philab was created with a crystal clear mission: to provide you with the most effective, top-tier skincare products without cutting corners on formulation costs. We stay at the forefront of skincare innovations worldwide, integrating the best of these advancements into our formulas. Our approach prioritizes efficacy and problem-solving, safety, and environmental impact.

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Clinically Proven Active Ingredients

Our commitment to excellence extends to the use of cutting-edge active ingredients, extensively tested through rigorous clinical studies to ensure their effectiveness and skin benefits. Rest assured, every Philab product you purchase is loaded with active ingredients designed to perform the task it was created for.

Ingredients Glossary
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High Concentrations of Active Ingredients

We don't skimp on the concentrations of our active ingredients. We are using them exclusively at the levels proven effective in clinical trials.

We're not here for marketing gimmicks; we're here to deliver results that meet your skincare needs. It's the formula that truly matters, not the fancy words, empty promises, extravagant packaging, or flashy advertising campaigns.

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Multi-functional Products

Furthermore, we leverage a substantial number of clinically active ingredients in each formula, complemented by natural extracts and oils. This synergy makes Philab products multifunctional, and highly effective while maintaining the desired cosmetic feel.

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Safeguarding your Well-being

At Philab, we are deeply committed to your safety and well-being. To ensure the highest level of safety in our products, we have excluded from all our formulations and raw materials:

  • preservative systems containing parabens
  • mineral oil derivatives such as paraffin and petrolatum
  • propylene glycol, animal derivatives
  • allergen fragrances
  • synthetic colorants.

We uphold these stringent standards, subjecting all Philab products to rigorous safety assessments, including strict dermatological and microbiological tests, in full compliance with current European legislation. Your confidence in our commitment to purity and safety is our top priority.